Portfolio Management

Why Choose Klopp Investment Management LLC

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, we are a second-generation owned and operated Asset Management firm known best for high-quality investments, a solid track record for performance, and extraordinary client services. We manage discretionary accounts: Individual Accounts, Retirement Accounts, Charitable Groups, Institutions and Trusts.

Clients’ accounts may gain or lose value, but with our quality of investment, and proven strategy and discipline, we work hard to preserve our clients’ capital long term investments, which provide stress and anxiety relief to our clients.​

Your portfolio—managed by the seasoned professionals at Klopp Investment Management LLC - is a collection of the highest-ranked blue-chip companies to be found anywhere. They are among the finest companies in the world, chosen for your account at a time when they represent outstanding value.

We are committed to an investment philosophy that has produced risk-adjusted returns with a comfort level balancing minimum risk and volatility. It is a philosophy distilled in the cauldron of the financial markets that has stood the test of time.

At Klopp Investment Management LLC, your account embodies the very essence of personal response, encouraging a close dialogue between you and our portfolio management team, all of whom are principals of the firm. Through communications and reports, we systematically review your portfolio progress to ensure that your goals and objectives are being met.

Klopp Investment Management LLC. 

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