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Based in Cleveland, Ohio, we are a second-generation owned and operated Asset Management firm known best for high-quality investments, a solid track record for performance, and extraordinary client services. We manage discretionary accounts: Individual Accounts, Retirement Accounts, Charitable Groups, Institutions and Trusts.

Exceptional fair value - that's what we seek in our search for suitable securities for your portfolio. It is simple in concept but complicated in execution. Value securities are defined in many ways; that's why we look at price-earnings ratios, dividend yields, book value, cash flow, balance sheet and others. All determine dollar-value of a stock's true worth. That is the value at which a company could be liquidated or sold in the real world.

Investing success means preservation of capital in real terms, so portfolio management for equity as well as balanced portfolios aims to achieve these goals:

• Participate in rising markets
• Avoid loss of principal during down markets
• Outpace the market and inflation over a market cycle
• Assume less risk through "value" stock selection

Klopp Investment Management LLC. 

Our Investment Philosophy