Klopp Investment Management serves its clients with a team of seasoned professionals, committed to constructing client portfolios with the highest ranked blue-chip companies in the world. Close dialogue with our clients and our portfolio managers ensure that client goals are on the right glide path.

Klopp investment Management LLC has provided exceptional investments to select clientele for over 20 years. Helping individuals, trusts, retirement plans, effectively manage investments to meet their objectives through the unpredictable and complex financial markets.

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We take a prudent asset management approach coupled with high levels of client service to produce for you, the investor, long-term benefits. The best returns derive from individually-owned equities in a diversified actively-managed portfolio, and in the most cost-effective way for the investor.

Klopp Investment Management's proprietary equity and balanced portfolios are designed for each client's specific needs, goals, and risk tolerances. In addition to our proprietary portfolios, we have an open architecture format, which allow us an independent, unbiased approach to offer the best in class financial products and services for our clients.


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Our clients cite five reasons for working with us:
1. More consistent long-term results
2. Expertise in a time-tested Investment Philosophy
3. Lower levels of account trading and volatility
4. Higher levels of customer service 
5. Tax-efficient trading strategies

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